Mafest 23.05.-26.05.2019

May 23, 2019 by GoToAdria

MAFEST 2019 will take place from 23.05.-26.05.2019. That is an international strip event that gathers 65 famous strip names from 11 countries. We should only mention few, like Italian Alessio AvalloneVanessa Belardo, Maurizio Di VincenzoMichele MasieroMarco SoldiMatteo Cremona i Frederic Volante, Spanish Fernando BlancoFernando Dagnino and Francis Portela, French Serge Carrere, American Shawn Crystal , Zoran Smiljanić from Slovenia, and our own Croatian duo Ivana Armanini and Krešimir Biuk. A few years ago, even the famous artist of Walking dead, Charlie Adlard was a guest of a festival. The center of all the events will be the Rooster Pub ( Pivnica ) and park fra Jure Radica. There will be work shops and classes, hanging out will authors and exhibitions. There will also be musical part of the program, starting our own rock bends, Rezerve and Ischariotzcky

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