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Krafting - Makarska Craft Festival 2019

May 22, 2019 by GoToAdria

Krafting ( Makarska Craft Festival) will take place from 07.06.-09.06.2019, in the park of Fra Jure Radic. It is a festival that gathers foreign brewers, top cooking chefs and craft gin and coffee makers. The visitors of this event will have a chance to try more then 50 different beers and croatian spirits. If You are not into beer, you will be able to enjoy in gin tonic with 7 different croatian, craft gins. It is expected to be nice and sunny so you will be able to take a walk through the park while drinking the delicious craft coffee and enjoying the cooking shows. You will also be able to buy home made food and souvenirs directly from the people who made it. There will be board games in which you can win all kinds of fun prizes. During all three days of festival, there will be different musicians, Vojko V, Cubismo, TBF,…

Come Krafting this year and see why the locals already consider it one of the best events of the summer. 

If You need accommodation, please contact us on , we will find the best option for You.


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