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MaFest Makarska 2018 Strip Festival
February 28, 2018 by GoToAdria

First MAFEST took place 11 years ago. It is an event which locals and foreign enjoy in. Through the years, this amazing festival hosted lot of world famous names. Charlie Adlard, who works on Walking dead,  is only one of them. MAFEST will take place in two periods. First one will be 3 day long work shop for elementary school kids on 12.-14.03.2018. The main part of the festival will take place on 24.05.-27.05.2018. Many famous name will make make an appearance this year, we will mention only few of them: Goran Sudžuka, Daniel Henrotin DanyAdi GranovGoran Parlov, Pasquale Del VecchioEsad Ribić,…  If You are into fashion,  You will not be disappointed. Olya Sookie is a young  designer from Makarska who presented her work on this year Fashion week in London. She will organize a fashion show on the last day of the festival and we are sure that some of her work will be a great treat for the visitors. Comic fans are coming from all over the world to be a part of this festival.  This year we decided to support MAFEST and its visitors and we offer 10% discount on this accommodations. Please contact us for more info

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