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July 02, 2020 by GoToAdria

Makarska Riviera is not well known only for Makarska. There are lot of small places to see and experience, like Brela, Podgora, Tucepi, Krvavica, Promajna,… Finding a parking spot can be a problem in high season, it gets hot and crowded. Scooter is much better choice for summertime, you can easily avoid the crowds and park anywhere. Makarska Riviera is full of beautiful hidden beaches that can not be reached by car, but easily can be reach by scooter. It is also a good idea if You rented an accommodation uphill, You do not have to spend your time in long walks if You do not want to. There is also financial plus, renting a scooter is much cheaper then renting a car. If You decide to visit places nearby, You do not have to wait for a local bus. You can organize your trips according to your inconvenience, not depending on bus schedule or crowds. If reading this encouraged you to rent a scooter this year, we also have to warn you that following all traffic rules is necessary and the safety is the most important. Try to stay visible to all drivers and avoid the roads that You have to go bellow speed limit, because off the bike power. Check website scooter rental Makarska and book Online scooter, bike or quad. The site also offers some useful advises about interesting tours across the area, explained step by step.

Rent a scooter Makarska - Book Online

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