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The real truth about taking a bus from Split to Makarska

April 07, 2018 by GoToAdria

The guests mostly believe  that Split airport is located in Split, and that it is easy to sit on a bus at Split Airport and drive away to one of Makarska Riviera tourist destinations (Brela, Baska Voda, PromajnaMakarskaTucepi, Podgora, Drasnice …) Well this might be partly true if you are visiting Croatia during winter time. But probably you are not, so let us explain the real situation. The nearest airport from Makarska Riviera is Split airport and as we wrote before, it is not actually located in Split, it is located in Kastel Stafilic 23 km away from the center of Split, read from Main bus station.  So when you get off the Airport you can only take the bus (which is not driving to Makarska Riviera), and drive to Split main bus station (usually full by people, with not so good AC, and sometimes hard to get empty seat) and drive approx 35 minutes to the Split main bus station. When you arrive at main bus station, there are different company buses heading to Makarska Riviera every half an hour, the problem is that it is also very crowded at main bus station and in peek season some of guests had to wait couple of hours until they found bus with enough free places. Finally when you get in the bus there is approx 1:45 - 2:00 hours driving to Makarska in high season (places Brela, Baska Voda and Promajna takes 15-20 minutes less driving). And when you arrive to main bus station in Makarska, depending on a location of your accommodation there is a big possibility that you will have to take a taxi. Because no matter how close your apartment looks on google map, it might be located uphill and that would mean:  it is not easily to walk it with big luggage while the sun is shining down on your head at 39°C. Some guests are lucky that the owner of apartment offers free pickup from bus station but that's mostly for up to 3 persons. Departure day to the Airport is even worse, you have deadline and you know you can't be late on your plane, some guests reported that they had panicked when they saw crowd on bus station in Makarska so they took last minute expensive taxi.

Alternative to bus is private car or private VAN transport directly from Split Airport to your apartment and other way back, and driving lasts maximum 1:40 h that means you will arrive to the apartment minimum 1:15 hours faster than by bus and without waitingwith AC, and with free WIFI if VAN.

As for expenses the approx calculation is:

4 EUR x 1 ticket person  (Airport Split – Main bus station)

1 EUR x 1 luggage (Airport Split – Main bus station)

8 EUR x 1 ticket person (Split – Makarska)

1.5 EUR x 1 luggage (Split – Makarska)
8 EUR x 1 TAXI (Makarska - Apartment)

TOTAL : approx 23 EUR per person

If you are 2 persons you pay 38 EUR for BUS + TAXI
If you are 3 persons you pay 53 EUR for BUS + TAXI

Private car transport for up to 3 persons from Split Airport to your apartment costs: 70 EUR

If you are 4 persons you pay 68 EUR for BUS + TAXI

If you are 5 persons you pay 83 EUR for BUS + TAXI
If you are 6 persons you pay 98 EUR for BUS + TAXI
If you are 7 persons you pay 113 EUR for BUS + TAXI
If you are 8 persons you pay 128 EUR for BUS + TAXI
Private VAN transport for up to 8 persons from Split Airport to your apartment costs: 100 EUR
For bigger groups 8+ also.

With this information you think twice is it worth to use BUS to get to Makarska Riviera.
Send transpor inquiry here and we will be happy to help you with our transport service


BUS – Split – Makarska
BUS – Split – Brela
BUS – Split – Baska Voda
BUS – Split – Promajna
BUS – Split – Tucepi
BUS – Split – Podgora
BUS – Split – Drasnice
BUS – Split – Igrane
BUS – Split – Zivogosce

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