10 razloga zašto moraš posjetiti Makarsku
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Our beautiful turquoise sea is something You should definitely experience. People have reasons to say our cost is one of the most beautiful ones in the world. There is a city beach where You can enjoy with your family and lot of small beaches when You feel like being alone. If you are nudist, there is a beautiful place on peninsula Osejava where you can truly become one with nature. Believe us, you will not be only one. People across the world are coming to see our little part of paradise, Nugal.


This is truly nature at her best. Biokovo is mountain that emerges from the sea but that is not the only reason why it is unique. There are lot of biological diversity so it not wonder that Biokovo got proclaimed a Nature park in 1981. If we still did not convince you to visit our unique mountain, go there to enjoy the view. Go with friends, pour a glass of wine , make delicious barbecue and look at Makarska city lights at night.


One of the benefits locals can enjoy here is definitely Mediterranean climate. That means you can enjoy in mild winter and pleasant summer. You don't even have to own a coat, on a sunny winter day locals enjoy outside in walks or drinking their coffee on fresh air. There are lots of sunny days during the year so we can definitely say it is always sunny in Croatia

4.  FOOD

Ohhhh, the food! Where to start here… There is a great deal of restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Dalmatian dishes, fresh fish and our signature cakes. You can not visit Makarska and not to try Dalmatian pasticada with home-made macarons from Veliko brdo. Olive oil and wine are part of our food philosophy. Makarana is also a highlight of our gastronomy. It is original cake from Makarska that is part of cultural legacy of Croatia. Almonds are main part of this pastry, but everyone has their own secret ingredient to make it unique, Try as many


If you are looking for a good time, come visit us! There is something for everyone. There are number of wine bars where you can enjoy a glass of good quality wine at reasonable prices. If You like good food, you can pick from a number of restaurants to eat in, you can easily find something that suits you. Makarska is city of night life, you can party here till dawn and not get tired of it. You should definitely visit club Deep, it is only club in a cave in the world.


There are number of music festivals that take place near Makarska, but we will be short on this and just say Ultra is an hour away


Remember what we wrote about delicious food? You can enjoy it per 10,15 EUR per person in restaurants near the sea. Prices in clubs and stores are still cheaper then the big part of countries in Europe. Accommodation is not expensive, mail us and we will find You the best possible offer


We are referring to Brac here. There is a beautiful sandy beach Zlatni rat which is one of the most famous beaches in this area. Another fun fact: They are also famous for its white stone which was used in construction of lots of historical buildings such as the White house in DC Washington.


Ok, lets talk safety first. We are a small family friendly town where you can leave your apartment unlocked an talk to strangers. If you are looking for something, polite locals will help you and enjoy talking to you. Dalmatians are chatty people and English is second language here. We learn it in school from a young age so you can enjoy in long conversations with us.


Makarska is pretty crowded at summertime. There are lot of people around the world coming to enjoy our sea and nature. You can meet all sorts of people here and get to know about their culture. There are also lot of celebrities coming to enjoy our coast. Makarska is truly a place for everyone to visit. Families, big groups of friends, couples,… There is just something about it that make people come back every year. Don't you want to see for yourself?

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